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                  Your best service provider of Custom precision turned parts in China.

                  We are your one-stop sourcing for custom precision turned parts manufacturing company in China. Whether you need screw machine products, CNC machining parts, turning parts, milling parts, stamping parts, grinding parts or others, we can help you get the job done right.

                  Our service value chain is built using six steps: Blueprint>Quotation>Prototype>Production>Distribution>after service.
                  These six steps help to ensure your business- while also saving your money.
                  Here is how they work together for you:
                  • Blueprint


                    Our experienced engineers work directly from your custom drawings or samples. Our engineering expertise may be able to help you discover a more effective & cost saving solution to a specific problem. As a result, they can work to significantly design your product or sub-system.

                  • Quotation

                    Based on many years of manufacturing experience, our engineers will work to provide cost reductions for the highest quality components. All components will be quoted from the best material targeted to meet your performance, durability and cost requirements.

                  • Prototype

                    Before a mass production begins, samples are provided for your review and approval. (Our factory will have put these through a rigorous inspection program. This can include static and dynamic testing in carefully controlled laboratory conditions.) We would also provide you the 100% full size inspection report and material certification or even the surface treatment report. When you receive your samples, we are confident that they’ll be right on target.

                  • Blueprint


                    Once your components go into a mass production, we work to ensure superior manufacturing quality. You will also be supplied material certification. Then, we’ll manage the transportation and delivery to be imported into your country and delivered to your company. This way, you’ll have the parts you need-when you need them.

                  • Distribution

                    LT can inventory and release your product for up to six month. We will work with you to arrange a release schedule that fits with your production schedule, with your quoted pricing locked in for the full duration.

                  • After service

                    Longteng are always here! There is no need to worry about problem parts if happened. We would require our customer to ship back the samples of the problem parts. The engineers would invest the machined parts first to find out the main issues. We would verify the solutions and might modify to the new process. Or even, the problem is not because of the machining part itself, it comes by the assembly. We would also help our customer to provide the best solutions.

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