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                  LT specializes in close tolerance parts, short to high volume production runs, and special blanket order arrangements with periodic scheduled releases.

                  We work with a broad range of material from carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel to aluminum, brass, etc. If you have some other materials to be produced, please also let us know. Our engineers would do the evaluation. Meanwhile, do not worry about the surface treatment. We do have good and various surface treatment suppliers, such as zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, anodizing, black oxide, heat treatment, passivating, DACROMET, PTFE, etc.

                  LT has 5 main machining workshops with variety machines: CNC center, CNC lathe, bar-feeding CNC machine, grinding machine, lathe, automatic lathe, cold heading machine, punching machine, etc.

                  We commonly could make the precision parts whose outer diameter range from Φ1mm to Φ180mm (the most competitive is from Φ5mm to Φ50mm), the length range from 3mm to 350mm, and the general tolerance could reach 0.015. But for the outer diameter, the tolerance could reach to 0.002mm by grinding machine. Only with the CNC lathe, the surface roughness would be as good as followings: stainless steel and brass could reach to Ra0.8; carbon steel & alloy steel could reach to Ra2.5, even aluminum could reach to 0.4. With the help of outer grinder, the surface roughness could even reach to Ra0.2 or better.

                  Our annual processing volume has up to 30,000,000 pcs and we could do more.
                  The parts would be made by the others, and with the help of grinder, we would be like the parts and we will experience she side we would be would did
                  We could accept the software, such as Auto CAD, Pro E, DWG, PDF, JPG, etc. We would provide you the PPAP if you need.

                  Documentation: PPAP Level, FAI report
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