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                  Company Profile

                  Ningbo Longteng Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd——precision machining parts expert in China. Amongst our customers are tier one suppliers of world class companies, such as Eaton, General Motors and Ford.

                  Grown from a family-operated precision machining company, Ningbo Longteng was built in 1995. It was named Fenghua Tengxing Machine Components Plant before 2003. We are started the company with 5 employees including our president, Zhou Rongjun.  Today LT is now comprised of 196 employees and over 50,000 square feet of area.

                  We have one office building, one warehouse and six workshops, which are CNC workshop, Grinding workshop, Tooling workshop, Lathe workshop, Auto lathe workshop and Cold forging & stamping workshop.

                  LT have over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of machining components and we have built up nationwide customer base over this time and have established an excellent reputation for our high quality.


                  Our values

                  We are a whole big family from supplier, employees to our customers.
                  At LT,we cherish the long-term relationship with our nice customers. We are responsible for your future. We regard our suppliers as our continuous cooperative partners. We are never afraid to meet the difficulties.
                  We hold the following values in dealing with each other and especially to our customers:Responsiveness,Dependability,

                  Improvement: At LT, there’s no such thing as “good enough”-each member of our team consistently looks for a better, faster, and more efficient way to deliver success. Mutual Respect,Teamwork,Initiative,Innovation

                  We build relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers on a bedrock of trust and mutual prosperity.


                  Our mission

                  At LT, we’re reinventing precision machining. In everything we do-from customer service to the tools and technologies we use-we continually seek to find a better, more efficient way of manufacturing. Our big dream is to be the company that defines how precision parts are made and delivered. We want to develop by the steps our customers developing.

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