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                  As a TS16949:2009 certified machining parts manufacturer, we are now doing more. From late 2014, we are using MES system (Manufacturing Execution System Association)to improve our whole production manage. All the managers could know the status of how the parts are being made at the certain moment. The system also gives us the ability to recognize quality issues immediately, yielding a zero defect output to our customers.
                  • 1

                    Raw material

                    From the moment the raw material arrives at Longteng, it has its own bar code. The material could be easy traced and well controlled first-in first-out.

                  • 2

                    Under production

                    All the machines are connected with system. With the all-in-one PC, it shows the latest drawings, in-time workload, immediately request, etc.

                  • 3

                    Production Board

                    Each workshop has its production board, which shows the production status every moment.

                  • 4

                    Inspection record

                    Instead of the paper record and avoiding man-made mistakes, our on-site quality inspector is able to record the data immediately and get the result from the system itself.

                  • 5

                    Turnover box

                    Each turnover boxes have the unique bar code, from which we could know the details.

                  • 6

                    Package & Shipping

                    All the parts would be shipped with the bar code, so that if there is any question, we could easy find out the detail information.

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