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                  What can we do?

                  Longteng is a precision machining parts manufacturer that takes great responsibility on quality and economical manufacturing. We apply technologies,
                  and people to solve the customers?? business problems and guarantee the parts in a good condition. We pride ourselves on fast reacting customers??
                  requirements. We deliver your custom products on time, defect-free, at a fair price, with exceptional customer satisfaction.

                  NEWS Info

                  We are a whole big family from our customers, employees to suppliers.

                  Company Video

                  Latest News
                  Customer evaluation

                  Our customers are always saying:?? It looks different from last time I come.??
                  One of our customers from UK, who send us PO without price. The only thing we need to do was signed it back with the price written down by ourselves.

                  Contact Us

                  Ningbo Longteng Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

                  Address: No.6 Meishan Rd, Shangtian Industrial Park, Fenghua, Zhejiang
                  Postcode: 315511
                  Contact Person: Biying Zhou (Merry)
                  Tel: +86-574-59557070 / 59551299 / 59551155
                  Website: www.cfe.tw www.cnnbtx.com
                  E-mail: [email protected]

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